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Safe Deposit Boxes

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Keep Your Valuables Safe

Safe deposit boxes are available at both our locations in Salem. Box sizes range from Small-3X5, Medium-3X10, Large-5X10, and Extra Large-10X10. Size, availability and prices vary (see our Fee Schedule). You may access your safe deposit box during regular, lobby business hours. Safe deposit boxes are secured by two (2) keys, one that the bank gives you and a guard key kept by the bank.

Renting a safe deposit box can help secure important personal documents, collectibles and family heirlooms. It’s important to make wise decisions about:

  • What items really belong in a safe deposit box?
  • What happens if those items are lost or damaged?
  • Who has access to the box?
  • What happens to the contents should something happen to you?

A safe deposit box is a good place to store anything valuable that you don’t need access to regularly or wouldn’t need suddenly in an emergency. Good things to put in a safe deposit box include:

  • Personal or confidential papers.
  • Stamp or coin collections.
  • Jewelry or rare collectibles.
  • Important contracts and business papers.
  • Income Tax records.
  • Stock certificates

A safe deposit box lives within the vault of a federally insured bank. But whatever you put inside that box is not insured by the institution or the government. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation protects only the money in your FDIC-insured bank accounts.

You should not store items you might need on short notice or in an emergency. This includes passports, medical directives or durable powers of attorney, health care proxies and revocable living wills. If you rent the box by yourself, don’t store your will, trust documents or anything else your heirs might need. It might be a good idea to have another trusted person with access to your box in case of need.

For additional information, please stop by or call either bank location in Salem.

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